Jennifer Hanes MS, RDN, LD

Mood Matters Dietetics stands as the go-to resource for medical nutrition therapy tailored to mental health disorders.

Learn what the research says, what it doesn’t say, the nuances, AND how to translate that information into actionable plans for your patients.

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    Immersed in diverse mental healthcare settings, I bring extensive experience to nutrition therapy for mental health

    Navigating diverse mental health settings, from in-patient acute care to residential rehab and outpatient care, I’ve gained a profound understanding not only of the science but also the art of effectively communicating the complexities of mental illness. This has empowered me to encourage meaningful behavioral changes.

    With this extensive knowledge, I’m enthusiastic about guiding and educating fellow dietitians and other healthcare providers on the intricate interplay between nutrition and mental health.

    How Can I Help?

    Whether you have burning questions about the pivotal role nutrition plays in mental health, need expert support with a particular client or patient, or simply have a keen interest in exploring valuable resources for self-guided learning, I’m here for you.

    Have a specific inquiry about the intricate connections between nutrition and mental well-being? Seeking guidance on tailoring nutrition therapy for a particular individual? Or perhaps you’re eager to delve into a wealth of resources to enhance your own understanding?

    Feel free to reach out—I’m passionate about fostering knowledge exchange and supporting you on your journey toward optimal mental health through nutrition.

    The Latest Research

    Research is moving quickly. Keep track of new information as it comes out.

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    Medication and Nutrition Interactions

    Psychiatric medications can have a big impact on nutrition status

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    Client Education Handouts

    Help your clients remember what you talked about!

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    Gut-Brain Connection

    Support the gut to support good mental health.

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    Learn about safety, efficacy, and medication interactions of various supplements.

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    Free Email Course Coming Soon!

    Are you a healthcare professional, especially a dietitian, looking to enhance your expertise in the vital intersection of nutrition and mental health?

    Discover our upcoming free email course designed exclusively for healthcare providers. Join us as we delve into the foundations of nutritional psychiatry, equipping you with valuable insights and practical knowledge to elevate your professional practice.

    🍏 What to Expect:

    • Explore the key concepts of nutritional psychiatry.
    • Understand the impact of macronutrients, micronutrients, and dietary patterns on mental well-being.
    • Gain insights into the fascinating world of the gut-brain axis and the role of probiotics.

    Stay tuned for updates! Your journey to a deeper understanding of mental health through nutrition is just around the corner.

    Health & Nutrition Articles

    Explore expert insights on the dynamic interplay between health and nutrition in our curated collection of informative articles.

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    Stay tuned!

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